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251 East Front Street Suite 205
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350 N. 9th St., Suite 302
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2312 Rayburn House Office Building,
Washington, D.C. 20515

Governor Butch Otter

State Capitol
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Former US Senator Larry Craig

Senate Appropriations Committee
Convicted For molesting policeman
in Minnesota Airport Bathroom
Senator Queer Eye
Neutered By Airport Police

Idaho Extreme Threat to Tourist and Other Visitors

Former US Senator Larry Craig arrested and convicted of molesting a police offer in a Minnesota Airport mens' room was apparently a well known stalker and faggot. Senator Fag Boy reportedly called University of Texas at Austin in the 1990's and threateded network administrator Paul Roscoe to remove an emergency management network that competed with some Idaho interest

Residents of Boise and other parts of Idaho seem to suffer from class based dementia which empowers them to engage in serial stalking; a severe fear of strangers; and delusions that the world is coming to Idaho to tear down a "Christian Cross" on a mountain near Boise. The worse offenders appear to be students of Boise State University who stalk their victims off campus property to other locations. Examples of threats and terrorist activities directed against casual visitors can be reviewed online:

1. Link to Congressional Report 2016

2. Death Threats against nursing home residentcontract killing

3. Profile Report on Terrorist Activities BSU

Crazier Than Shit House Bat

Exhibits C Senator Craig's Attack On Emergency
Management Programs

US Senator Larry Craig

225 North 9th Street, Suite 530
Boise, Idaho 83702
tel: 208-342-7985
fax: 208-343-2458
US Senator Larry Craig Said No
You Will Be Punished!
Operational Impediment #1
When US Senator Larry Craig isn't busy molesting policement in the bathroom of the Minnesota airport he seems to spend a lot of time engaged in computer hacking and terrorist activities in his home state of Idaho.

The only explanation which was apparent is that the Senator took the view that emergency management programs should be of direct benefit to a Boise based provider known as Idaho Company MyStateUSA. It is probable that the Senator used his position on the US Senator Appropriations Committee to quash competition.

My States USA
1458 S. Eagle Flight Way
Boise, ID 83709

US Senator Larry Craig

225 North 9th Street, Suite 530
Boise, Idaho 83702
US Senator Larry Craig
Threatened Who In Texas?
US Senator Larry Craig Threatned You? The Reference Librarian Paul Roscoe University of Texas Austin Library in 1996 says his employment was threatened if he didn't remove Emergency Management Directory off the school server. Sort of hard to believe that a US Senator even knows the publication exist much less wants to threaten anyone. As chance and circumstance should have it I went to Idaho later and great balls of fire the place is full of terrorist and subversives. some of who actually reportedly mailed a letter with Anthrax to the Ada County Courthouse in 2000. Golly I don't know what to say.
Perry-Casta?eda Library Internet Address
Complete resource guide for Hospitals, Social Services, and Governments in Emergencies.
CHAPS National Directory Systems. For Emergency Management&..
911 Homepage AT University OF
Texas At Austin
Complete resource guide for
Hospitals, Social Services,
and Governments in Emergencies.
CHAPS National Directory Systems
For Emergency Management & Social Services
Published By: Chris Walters

Perry-Casta?eda Library Internet Address
"Public Domain" Provided as "public service"
under Title 42 USCS 11301, Title 50, and Title 17
911 is a national reference book of the resources in emergency management, social services and government. 911 covers a 15 state area representing about 100 million persons. Lets briefly review why this publication exist and how it could be used locally:
1. Governments, organizations, and others attempting to offer assistance after a major disaster who are not from your state need to have an exact knowledge who to contact.

2. Potential resources also need to know where your community exist in relation to existing highway systems, a little basic geography and other facts.

3. If FEMA declares your community a, "federal disaster area" and gives you permission to seek assistance out of state it is important for your community to have an existing knowledge of where "out of state" resources exist.
4. Many of the computer files of the reference book could be used to form evacuation or eggress routes into or out of your community.

As a computerized reference book, 911 is divided into chapters which are represented by computer files. As of August 18th, 1995, 911 has 79 files which occupy 2,675,680 Computer Bytes and print at about 2,500 pages. The contents of each file is explained in a file index as to content and page location. Files are arranged geographically along major interstate highway systems with counties and cities located by mile marker to correspond to line of travel.

911 makes it easy to locate local government, emergency management contacts, social services, hospitals,geographic features, intersecting highways, and possible hazards. Also encoded into the files are correspondence from private concerns, government officials, national news articles, and other testimonials. 911 and other CHAPS directories also have 2 citations by Library of Congress.

Chris Walters Author of CHAPS
Published At
Perry-Casta?eda Library
University of Texas Austin
corner of 21st
and Speedway Streets
(512) 495-4250

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