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Emergency Management Wish List

Special Program to Stockpile Essential Supplies

Stockpile Essentials

The movement of the entire plate as a super quake should trash most commuications; highway systems and other critial infrastructure. Naturally we might ask FEMA or the federal government to begin a stockpile program of essential including medical supplies; food; equipment; temporary tents, and shelters. If the program is approved be sure to store them above the flood plain so if a major dam breaks the stockpile won't get washed away.

Pre Deployment of FEMA trailers

As Command and Control Structures
Many of communities in eastern Oregon and Washington are built in the flood plain below major dams holding back uncounter billions of acre feet of water. We might ask FEMA to preposition special command and control trailers for each community above the flood plain set up for communications by authorities. We could also agree not to build any additional law enforcment or national guard facilities on low ground. It might even be nice to plan public evacuation routes to higher ground in the event of a major earthquake.

Briggs and Stratton

Model Number 30209
Voltage 120/240
Frequency 60 Hertz

Neighborhood Generator

Do you plan to remain in the dark and cold for a few weeks? Maybe you and your neighbors could come up with a neighborhood generator where everyone shares a house electrical supplies...when the power goes out; shares costs and storage of gas;.....and works as a team.

Red Paint?

Paint Your Side Walk Red?

Using paint to mark the location of your water, gas, and electric and knowing how to turn these utilities off can be very useful if a major earthquakes occurs. Know how to cut the water and gas and electic could be very useful to limit damage to your property or if your neighbor is not home how to turn off a problem and save someone elses house.

Highway Column Failed

Steel Jacket Column Survives

Quake Proofing Highways

There are several articles on the internet on possible ways to quake proof a highways. This article deals with wrapping concerete columns with steel Another article suggest wrapping highway columns in a glass and carbon and fiber composite. Another idea I might suggest is getting the Army Corp of Engineers permission to back dump land fill or non polluting garbage under highways. If the highway does give way it has no where to fall.

Don't Fly through Ash Clouds

Flying Through Volcanic Ash?

Pumice is made out of volcanic ash if you fly a plane through it will eat up hydraulics; take the paint off the plane. Similar problems were reported in with cars operating after the explosion of Mt. St. Helens.

Prefab Housing
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PreFab Housing Made from Cargo Containers

This link and this linkare companies which can make and install cheap housing made from extremely strong cargo containers. Can be installed before disaster strikes.

Prefab Housing
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