What Do We Mean By
Auxillary Commuications Device
Some unfortunate or unforseen event just occured and there you are the emergency management or communications expert suddenly sitting in the dark in your office with all the power out; the internet and phones dead and your not allowed to call in sick and hope for a better day towmorrow.

1. Slip the CD-Rom containing most of the known assets in Washington into your lap top computer (which hopefully has batteries).

2. Start using your ham radio network to execute programs and establish communications
Where Is The Calvary?
Katherine Hale Dade County EMA 1993
As when the 1400 foot communications tower fell over in south Dade during Hurricane Andrew the MetroDade Commander barricaded himself in the Coral Reef Hospital and hoped for the best. Certainly the Emergency Management team hadn't forseen that massive incoming calls on the 911 system would overflow and prevent them from calling out of their command post for 3 days. The immortal words of Emergency Management Coordinator Kathering Hale of Dade County in 1993 asking when the Calvary or assistance would arrive after Hurricane Andrew?

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry

Former FEMA Director Ron Brown

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Hurricane Katrina
Takes Out Communications
From US News and World Report 9-12-1005 Page 43: "Actually things were going right at first. The network of towers, repeaters, and base stations that make up the city's emerency communications sytesm survived the hurricand and continued to operated until about 2PM on Monday, August 29th.

That when a strong guest of wind sent a large shard of glass hurtling through the air toward the roof of a downtown skyscraper, home to the generator that powered the city's main emerency communications transmitter. The glass punctured the radiator, causing the generator to shut down.... With electricity out city-wide emergency workers could not recharge their batteries in their two-way radios, so these too began to go dark... The final straw? State police at a checkpoint stopped technicians sent to repair the damaged radiator on the main emergency communications generator.
Texas Governor Rick Perry
Saves The Day After FEMA Drops Ball
As it became apparent FEMA Director Ron Brown was not capable of responding to the Hurricane Governor Rick Perry of Texas opened the big heart of Texas and saved countless thousands of Hurricane Victims by busing them to Texas. It was later brought out that Director Michael Brown donated$75,000 to President George Bush Jr campaign and thereby qualify to run FEMA

The Chinese Internet
Crash of 2007

Calamity or Capitalism?
By Tom Carter

In late December of last year, a 7.1 earthquake off the coast of Taiwan severely damaged Asia's undersea fiber-optic cables, disrupting telecommunication circuits across the continent.

China and Southeast Asia saw their communications capacity fall to between 2 and 10 percent, and though a portion of service has since been rerouted to alternative fixed lines and suicidally slow satellite transmissions, the P.R.C. has yet to fully recover from the technological aftershocks, what Mainlanders are now referring to as the "World Wide Wait.

Repair status is conflicting, with Chinese telecom officials publicly alternating between evasive ("the work is slow because of complicated conditions"), blameful ("the repairs are done by other companies we commissioned") and unrealistically optimistic ("a few more days"), as quoted in the state-run media. International news sources cite a more likely and longer completion date of early-March for a return to full capacity, perhaps due to what global news service AFP disturbingly reports as China "relying on 19th century technology to fix a 21st century problem.

In an effort to downplay the crisis, China precipitately announced that it expects to become the world's largest Internet user, overtaking the United States with an estimated 137 million users. That's quite a bullish forecast for a country that has suffered nationwide telecommunications outages since the new year. In fact, internet blackouts are nothing new to foreigners residing in the People's Republic, who are accustomed to limited access to overseas sites that have been blocked by the central government's web monitoring entity, commonly referred to as The Great Firewall of China.

But the newest online paralysis resulting from the recent natural and technological calamity has most certainly affected international businesses in Mainland China, many whom rely on consistent online communications and B2B transactions to stay above international water. Even multinational conglomerates Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, who are already struggling in the Asian market, are now regularly met with "cannot display" time-out errors. Conversely, China's e-commerce giants just don't understand what all the fuss is about. China News Service reports that amidst the first several weeks of Internet outages, Chinese-based ISPs boasted a 99 percent uptime as the country's largest web corporations including Sina, Baidu, Alibaba, Tom and Tencent saw their site traffic, and earnings, multiply.

But for China's Internet-deprived expat community from Beijing to the Bund, hope is literally on the Verizon. A consortium of international telecom providers including China Telecom, CNC and U.S. carrier Verizon have jointly invested $500 million in the construction of a new Trans-Pacific Express (TPE) Cable Network connecting Mainland China directly with the United States. The next-generation submarine optical cable system, expected to be completed in 2008, will span the Asia-Pacific at 60 times the present capacity, rendering obsolete the damaged FNAL cables beneath the Taiwan Strait.

Indubitably, China's easily-crippled telecommunications infrastructure and the prolonged aftermath can be blamed on poor foresight and co-dependent technology and is both a devastating episode for foreign companies in China and a chin check for a nation striving to compete as a 21st century world player. But if the completion of a bigger and better trans-Pacific cable network has anything to do with the cause for the delay, then foreign and Chinese companies alike will just have to wait that much longer to resume to normal operating speeds.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Email Jeb
Florida Governor Bush Admits
Wilma relief effort weak
MIAMI (AFP) Wed Oct 26, 7:20 PM ET Victims of Hurricane Wilma's wrath in Florida pressured officials for relief as they suffered a third day without electricity and scant basic supplies, while Governor Jeb Bush admitted the emergency relief effort "didn't work as it should."

The White House, meanwhile, announced that President George W. Bush, the governor's brother, would visit the hurricane-damaged region Thursday. In Mexico, officials estimated damage from the ferocious storm was costing 15 million dollars a day in lost tourism revenue from the glitzy Yucatan peninsula, while in Cuba tourism officials said the sector would be back on its feet in a week.

At least nine people died in Florida in connection with the storm that pummeled much of the Florida peninsula Monday, according to police and local media. Hurricane damages were estimated between four and eight billion dollars in Florida, California-based risk analysis firm EQECAT said. Before hitting Florida, Wilma had devastated Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and Cozumel island, leaving at least 10 people dead. Four people died in Cuba during pre-storm evacuations. In Florida, all along the eastern coast, the same scene of desperation repeated itself. Thousands of people filled the streets in search of water, ice, food and gasoline (petrol) they needed to cope with widespread power outages.

Some six million people were still without electricity. The lack of power made restoring water pressure difficult. More than 70 distribution points for water, ice and food had been opened in the state, the governor said, and their number should increase to more than 80 in the next few days. Nevertheless, many of the aid centers did not function as expected Tuesday, and supplies were snapped up Wednesday as people waited in long lines for scarce aid. The snags sparked criticisms of the state and federal governments, especially the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), still under fire for its slow response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in late August.

The complex aid system "didn't work as it should yesterday, and I probably raised the bar too high... we did not meet those expectations and I accept responsibility for that," Governor Bush said at a news conference. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez said the provisions sent by FEMA to his county had already run out. "Everything that the federal government has provided to us has been distributed... we're not holding back anything," he told reporters. "It's the process and how it's structured, and it's flawed... and I'm not blaming anyone," he said, adding that the delivery of aid to the people had been bogged down for hours in red tape.

Acknowleding that people were "frustrated, disappointed, angry," the mayor said: "I think the system needs to be reviewed." David Paulison, FEMA's acting director and a former chief of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department, said the long lines seen Tuesday could have been avoided. "That's why we tell people, have 72 hours of food and water, so you don't have to stand in line," Paulison said. "But regardless, we're going to make sure to increase the supply line."

Emergency Service Directory

Washington State
Endorsement From
FEMA On NIMS Capabilities
From: "Walker, Mary-Margaret"
Subject: RE: NIMS Related Research Project
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 13:52:01 -0500
To: chrissaidthanks2002@yahoo.com
CC: "Nims-Integration-Center"

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for sending us the information about your work for the State of Washington. This preparedness tool is a valuable planning activity and an important resource for response and recovery activities. The Web-based contact list is useful for resource management and easy access to potential contacts statewide. Thanks very much for letting us know about it.

Mary Margaret Walker
NIMS Integration Center
Washington, DC

From: Fluman, Al
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 6:16 PM
To: Walker, Mary-Margaret
Subject: RE: NIMS Related Research Project

It ties to NIMS is the following ways:

Preparedness: Any emergency management related preparedness activity is tied directly to NIMS. This preparedness tool (listing of key contact personnel by state and county) is a valuable planning activity and an important resource for response and recovery activities.

Communications and Information Management: The web-based contact list is an extremely valuable response and recovery tool especially for resource management during and after an incident. Plus, the tool will be made available on a CD for use if the internet is down during an incident. An emergency manager in a county could pull out the CD or the printed version of the CD and use the information.

Resource Management: See above, the tool can be used by logistics personnel in a county emergency operations center for potential contacts of resources statewide.

As for interoperability the definition of interoperability in its basic form is the ability of a system to use parts or equipment of another system while we may be stretching things a bit with this tool under the basic definition of interoperability the key contact list from all counties in the state has various uses in all phases of emergency management + it can be used in its CD form or printed form during an actual event. The data from this tool/system can be used in various other systems (resource management/emergency operations plans/etc.)

Hopefully this will help. Al.

Jim Kadema Assistant EOC Manager

Washington State Emergency Division
We Have Problem With
You Using Name NIMS
Compton, Jerald (EMD)
To: Chris Walters
August 17th, 2006


Thank you for the link to your directory of emergency management assets. I am distributing this link to our logistics coordinator, communications staff, and program managers in the Washington State Emergency Management Division for their reference and use. I will also pass on your request that if they find outdated or incorrect information, they should forward the corrections/updates to you.

Although we all wish that information such as this was not needed, the hard truth is that we do have incidents occurring in Washington State throughout each year. Hopefully the directory you have provided will help us provide fill any service gaps we find as these incidents occur.

Thank you again.

Jerald "Jaye" Compton
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Washington State Emergency Management Division
Building 20, MS: TA-20
Camp Murray, WA 98430-5122
Telephone (253) 512-7003
FAX (253) 512-7207
E-mail: j.compton@emd.wa.gov

From: Kadrmas, Jim (EMD)
cc:Jerald, Paul, John.Bruun
Aug 31
Too: Nims2006@gmail.com


I am the NIMS Implementation Coordinator for the State of Washington and was provided a copy of your email addressed to Jaye Compton concerning what appears to be NIMS Implementation related information for local jurisdictions. As the state coordinator, I am concerned that the process I have developed could be compromised or at least cause confusion concerning correct contacts and reporting requirements. In particular, I am concerned about the link provided under the heading local and state officials have authorized changes in the NIMS structure

I can assure you that their have been no authorized changes, at least at the state level and none at the local level that I am aware of, regarding NIMS structure, so I am puzzled at the purpose of your web site and what it is that you are actually attempting accomplish.

Can you please provide me with a description of what it is your office does, who you provide that service for, and how those functions relate to the implementation and certification process impacting any of the volunteer, public or private organizations in Washington State?

Thank you very much,
Jim Kadrmas
Assistant EOC Manager
Washington State Emergency Management Division
(253) 512-7027 (Desk)
(253) 405-9422 (Blackberry)
(253) 512-7203 (Fax)

John Pennington Former

Emergency Management Director
FEMA 10 & Snohomish County
Child Molestor Drops Ball During Disaster

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John Pennington Former

Emergency Management Director
FEMA 10 & Snohomish County